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Cool Gel ’n Cap: A Good Fit for Fevers | Business

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Cool Gel ’n Cap: A Good Fit for Fevers
Cool Gel ’n Cap: A Good Fit for Fevers

Cool Gel ’n Cap, a unique first aid cap for children developed right here in Western New York, can help relieve your child’s fear and discomfort from bumps and bruises, earaches, ear infections and headaches. In this week’s article, we’ll cover the topic of fevers.

If your child has a fever and you're alarmed, keep in mind that most fevers are completely harmless. The normal body temperature for adults is 98.6 degrees, and most children's core temperatures are a little higher than this. Physicians know that a temperature greater than 100 to 101 degrees does not pose much danger for otherwise healthy kids. If your child has no other symptoms you can just keep them in a cool environment, dress them in light clothing and monitor them for any changes.

Is it necessary to treat a fever? Not necessarily. In most cases, fever is treated as a comfort measure. In other cases, there are times when a fever needs to be brought under control. When children have high temperatures they may also develop a headache. This combination of symptoms can be quite uncomfortable.

To relieve the discomforts and aches that accompany a fever in kids, heath care professionals suggest a treatment plan that includes fluids, rest and children’s acetaminophen products. Please consult your child’s doctor and follow his or her instructions for proper treatment.

Cool cloths and cold compresses for the forehead are also highly recommended. However, these can be cumbersome and clumsy to work with. The cold pack needs to be positioned on the forehead, temples or on top of the head. This means that the child needs to remain fairly motionless as someone holds the ice pack in place.

Now there's an easy way for parents to reduce their child's fever naturally. Cool Gel 'n Cap is the only hands-free design that lets you provide the cooling relief of an ice pack on demand. The lightweight compress features a non-toxic gel solution that delivers long lasting, cool comfort for your little one. If your child wants to be held and rocked or becomes restless, this cold compress is one less thing to worry about. It will remain where you need it without shifting or sliding.

For more information on Cool Gel ’n Cap, priced at just $19.99, please visit www.coolgelncap.net.


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