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ART Community Dialog: The Voices of Western New York Artists

ART Community Dialog:  The Voices of Western New York Artists

In keeping with the mission statement of community support, American Repertory Theater of Western New York has created a website and Facebook Page dedicated to opening up online forums to discuss issues facing WNY Artists. This new Website Public Forum page is entitled "The Voices of Western New York Artists."

These public forums are designed for all members of WNY Cultural Groups, media, individual artists and anyone with an opinion that faces Artists in Western New York.

Those visiting The Voices of WNY Artists website and the Facebook page are encouraged to post opinions, offer links to blogs & websites, announce upcoming shows and, most importantly, utilize their voices for the sole purposes of creating dialog and being heard.

Buffalo State Presents: "Dietary Fiber: Beyond the Health Implications"

Buffalo State Presents: "Dietary Fiber: Beyond the Health Implications"

The Dietetics and Nutrition Department will present two seminars, one during Bengal Pause and another in the evening, on Tuesday, March 22. “Dietary Fibers: Beyond the Health Implications” will be presented by Mr. Jit Ang, a scientist, inventor, and executive vice president of the International Fiber Corporation located in North  Tonawanda.

The daytime seminar will be held 12:15–1:30 p.m. in Bulger Communication Center South 2. The evening seminar will be presented 7:00–9:00 p.m. in the Burchfield Penney Art Center auditorium.

Pittie Party to Benefit Black Dog, Second Chance

Pittie Party to Benefit Black Dog, Second Chance

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, Black Dog, Second Chance will be showcasing three of their rescue dogs at Animal Outfitters, 986 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.  "It's a Pittie Party" will feature three pit bull mix dogs that are looking for forever homes.  They have been in Black Dog, Second Chance's care for several months due to extensive medical needs.  Each dog is now healthy, spayed or neutered, and up to date on its vaccinations.

Karly, a 12 week old puppy who recently survived parvo, will be present to raise funds for her veterinary bills.  There will be a "Karly Kissing Booth" where people can have their picture taken with her to help off-set the $3,000 in expenses that were incurred during her treatment.  Evan and Rummy, seven month old siblings, will also be available for adoption.

For more details on "It's a Pittie Party", visit http://www.blackdogsecondchance.org/.

Horsing Around Buffalo: Long Live The King!

Horsing Around Buffalo: Long Live The King!

  Forty five years ago this summer (1901), all Buffalo was discussing the latest innovation in family carriages with the same zest the exploits of Bob Feller and Ted Williams now receive. For Buffalo was crazy for horses both before and after the turn of the century. Every home of any size had its stable in the rear.

  Even today, the old guard in dozens of Western New York stables are making preparations for the fall horse shows, county fairs and harness meets in the old tradition. As they shine their gear in preparation for the big days ahead their talk sometimes turns to the old days when Delaware, Linwood and Richmond Avenues were the show places of the equine world. They remember stables maintained by Seymore H. Knox Sr., the Cary Family, Frank A. Babcock and hundreds of others in all stages of wealth and affluence. Perhaps some speak once in a while of Mambrino King, the "handsomest horse in the world".

Pet Connection Volunteers to Promote Pet Safety at Buffalo Home & Garden Show

Pet Connection Volunteers to Promote Pet Safety at Buffalo Home & Garden Show

Volunteers from Pet Connection Programs Inc., a nonprofit maternity and special care shelter for dogs and cats located in Marilla, will be at the Buffalo Home & Garden Show March 4-6 and 11-13 at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center to share information on home and garden safety for your pets. Pet Connection was founded in 1984 and has placed thousands of animals into loving homes throughout Western New York. 

Pet Connection Announces Holiday Season Events

Pet Connection Programs Inc. is counting on support from the generous residents of Western New York to make this a happy holiday season. Volunteers from the nonprofit maternity and special care animal shelter located in Marilla will be at several locations throughout Erie County in an effort to raise funds for the care of dozens of dogs and cats in need of loving homes.

Turkeys Leave Country, Will Spend Holiday Overseas!

    There are 68 more days until Thanksgiving, and you can do your worrying about that turkey during the last 41. The first 27 days, or until October 15th, you can spend being thankful that the turkey you might not get will go to our boys overseas. This about sizes up the situation. Some time ago the government slapped a two-way freeze order on the national turkey crop.  It froze the sale of the birds until it can buy up 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 pounds needed by the armed forces, and it is now freezing the birds for shipment overseas. 

Turkeys remaining after Uncle Sam has his share will be allocated to civilian use.