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Community Action Project Ramps Up The Good Will | News

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Community Action Project Ramps Up The Good Will

BUFFALO, N.Y.- A few years back, we watched as a community came together to give a family a new home and a new start on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover show.

The lasting effect of that collaboration is being felt throughout the upper West Side of Buffalo this week.

In advance of Billy Graham's 'Rock The Lakes' events, community projects are organized in the cities that are visited. The event is coming to Buffalo's Coca Cola Field September 22 and 23, but the preview event that is underway right now is changing lives.

A team of volunteers from area churches and ministries, called the Community Action Project, has come together and gone through the neighborhood finding out who is in need and then providing that help.

The work has ranged from new roofs, to siding, to painting, and in one case, new freedom.

On Monday, team leaders stopped by the Auburn Avenue home of Phuong and Susan Le.

The Vietnamese immigrants have lived in the home for eight-years.  But for the past few, Susan has been something of a prisoner.

Susan has lived with the effects of polio since she was a little girl and has lost the use of her legs.

She gets around in a wheelchair. 

A few years ago, the wheelchair lift at the back of their apartment stopped working.  

They could not afford the $5,000 in repairs, so it has remained broken.

Susan has also remained almost home-bound. To leave the house on her own, she has to crawl down the front, concrete steps using only her hands. It takes several people helping to get her motorized wheelchair outside.

Daryl Boss, the project coordinator, says that within 30 seconds of meeting them, he knew they had to help. Within two hours, the broken lift was taken down and a new ramp was beginning to take shape.

The Le's met the Community Action Project team on Monday and by tonight, Susan will have a new wheelchair ramp, and new freedom to come and go a lot easier.

The ramp costs about $2,200 in materials, for which the volunteers are hoping to raise money. An Indiegogo account has been created to give people the opportunity to contribute to the cause.   


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