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Nothing is Sacred: Saleem Shahzad

Nothing is Sacred:  Saleem Shahzad

What is truth? According to Merriam-Webster, truth is defined as: fact, the body of real things, an idea that is true or accepted as true, and reality.  What then is a journalist? A journalist is a writer who aims at a mass audience through the medium of journalism. Journalism is writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or a description of events without an attempt at interpretation. This means a journalist is a writer that writes truth without personal opinion based upon fact and reality.

Syed Saleem Shahzad was the Pakistan Bureau Chief of Asia Times Online, covering issues of global security, focusing on Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Shahzad has reported on Islamist movements, taking him to Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Syria and the UAE.

Shahzad introduced the world to Al-Qaeda and Sheikh Essa  His interviews include:

Higgins Leads Effort to Restore Federal Security Funding to WNY

Higgins Leads Effort to Restore Federal Security Funding to WNY

Congressman Fights to Keep Millions for Buffalo Border Community and Other High-Risk Locations

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-27), a member of the House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, is leading an effort to restore Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) funding to the Buffalo area and similarly sized regions across the state and nation.  A bipartisan group of twenty-three Representatives have signed on to Congressman Higgins letter opposing an amendment, passed by the House, which would reduce UASI eligible cities from 64 high-risk urban areas to only 25.

“While smaller in population, Buffalo and other cities with unique risk features have been identified as high-threat areas and together with my colleagues we are fighting to make sure public safety is not abandoned in our communities,” said Congressman Higgins, who serves on the Border and Maritime Security and Counterterrorism and Intelligence subcommittees.

Cops Nab Phone Store Crooks

Cops Nab Phone Store Crooks

A Statement Released by the Buffalo Police Department

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Some astute police work by Northwest District officers has led to the arrest of two suspects involved in the armed robbery of a phone store in the city's Riverside section.  Buffalo police say the incident happened just after 7:30pm, Wednesday night, February 2nd at the Cricket Store, located at 744 Tonawanda Street.

Police say two teenage suspects were involved, a male and female - with the female accused of setting up the robbery.  Police believe that 16 year old Micquella M. Eaton of Buffalo, "cased the store" before walking out, as her gun-wielding accomplice entered.

The store's clerk was robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash.

FBI: $5,000 Reward Offer for Bank Robbers

FBI: $5,000 Reward Offer for Bank Robbers

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- James H. Robertson, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Buffalo Field Office, announces a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of two individuals wanted for committing a violent bank robbery in North Carolina.  Philip Purdue and Gregory Young are wanted on State of North Carolina arrest warrants issued on 11/24/2010 and 11/23/2010, respectively.  The warrants allege that Purdue and Young conspired to and committed felonious bank robbery with a dangerous weapon at a Fidelity Bank in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, on 11/22/2010. The FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force in Buffalo has not eliminated the possibility that Purdue is also responsible for multiple bank robberies in Buffalo and Jamestown, New York.

The two fugitives are described as follows:

- Gregory Young (date of birth 11/27/1991) height 5’8” weight 200lbs

- Philip Purdue (date of birth 08/19/1978) height 6’2” weight 160lbs

Crime Stoppers: Police Search For Probation Violator

Crime Stoppers: Police Search For Probation Violator

BUFFALO, NY – Crime Stoppers needs your help in locating a man wanted for violating probation.

Adolphus Nelson, 35, is wanted by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office for violating the terms of his probation and is offering a $1,000 reward for his arrest. 

Nelson is a black male, 6’2” tall and weighs about 175 lbs and has a history of violence.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at: 716-867-6161. 

Prevention Initiative Steers Youth Away From Gang & Violent Activity

Prevention Initiative Steers Youth Away From Gang & Violent Activity

BUFFALO, NY – Citing a rise in violence and gang activity in the Buffalo area, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo has created a new gang prevention initiative designed to share resources and ideas among community organizations, with the ultimate goal of steering youth away from gangs and violent activity.  The initiative will include specific, structured gang prevention activities for young people during non-school hours, as well as collaboration with other community organizations to expand training and share resources regarding effective strategies to decrease gang activity in the Buffalo area. 

The Gang Prevention through Targeted Outreach (GPTTO) initiative will be offered through Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo and will offer positive, structured activities for young people in their non-school hours, while aiming to measurably improve their school performance.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo in collaboration with Buffalo United Charter School wil

UPDATE: Robbery Suspect in Custody

From the Buffalo Police Depatrment:


Buffalo police have arrested 43-year-old Joseph Licata of Buffalo in connection with at least two recent bank robberies. Licata is charged with robbery in the first degree in connection with the M&T Bank robbery at 130 Grant St. on November 22. Licata is also charged with robbery in the third degree in connection with the attempted bank robbery yesterday morning at the Bank of America in the 400 block of Elmwood Avenue.  Buffalo police received a tip overnight on the confidential TIPCALL Line and apprehended the suspect at a motel on Grand Island Blvd. The investigation is ongoing and further charges are possible.

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Buffalo police are on the look-out for an individual believed to be responsible for a number of recent city bank robberies, and one attempted robbery.