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Nuisance Abatement Law Proposed | Public Spaces

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Nuisance Abatement Law Proposed
Public Spaces

With the proposal of the new Nuisance Abatement Law, concerned citizens might be able to avoid a lot of red tape in taking an owner of a property in violation to court. Specifically, the law will be targeting abandoned cars, high grass, neglected buildings and graffiti. As people who live in the area notice a decline in a property, issues can be addressed more quickly.

More often than not, these violations are occuring in rental properties and the process of getting landlords into housing court for the behavior of their tenants could get complicated. However, giving a neighbor, nearby tenant or community leader more of a direct route to voice their concerns will be beneficial to the state of our neighborhoods.

To learn how you should deal with a nuisance neighbor, contact the West Side and Black Rock-Riverside Neighborhood Housing Services at 885-2344 (West Side) or 877-3910 (Black Rock and Riverside), or visit the website.

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